Steve WindomPhotography has been a passion of mine since I was a 9 or 10 years-old. I first began taking pictures of my family and neighborhood with my dad’s Kodak Brownie #2 camera in black and white. With film, you never really knew what the lens caught until you had your film processed at the drug store. It was always exciting to pull the pics out of the paper envelope and see your work. Sometimes it brought a big smile, other times you would wonder what went wrong.

When I became an adult I bought my first 35mm camera and went through countless rolls of film, taking pictures of everything while I experimented with abandon. It was a long journey and I learned more with every shot. I bought more lenses to increase my capabilities. I learned that taking great photographs comes from a good eye for details and great vision of what you want to capture. Luck never hurt either.

Several years ago I “pulled the trigger” on going digital, and being a web designer by trade, I already had good skills with Photoshop. I immersed myself in learning photography by reading, online video tutorials, and talking to pros. But the most valuable learning resource was practice, practice, practice! Solid experience will make you at ease with your equipment, camera settings, lighting and composition.

While I still do web design, photography is my passion as the world changes when I look through the eyepiece and decide what I want to capture. Also, with digital I don’t have to wait on the drug store for my prints! I have the freedom to capture as much as I desire.

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Member – Professional Photographers of Colorado

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Member, Professional Photographers of America